Mayagwe was a made-in-Canada app that provides direct access to a database of professional language interpreters – 24/7, 365 days a year – who can provide face-to-face interpretation services, either immediately or at a scheduled date/time.

Benefits for interpreters

  • Fair and equal access to job opportunities.
  • Employment opportunities with maximum flexibility for participation.
  • Business experience as independent business operators.
  • Connection and understanding of social serving agencies, reducing any stigma which may exist about the roles of these agencies.
  • Eliminates favouritism or cronyism in offering employment opportunities to a selected few. 
  • Recognizes interpretation as a professional service.
  • Quick direct payment for service.

Benefits for clients

  • Direct access to trained interpreters.
  • Flexible scheduling, from immediate requests to long-term scheduling.
  • Ability to set criteria for interpreters unique to each organization.
  • Ability to customize interpreter requests.
  • Assurance of accreditation standards.
  • Cost-effectiveness by only paying for services provided.
  • Reducing risk of miscommunication and improper service.
  • Demonstrating commitment to inclusiveness

Mayagwe is now discontinued. If you have any questions, please contact us.