CCDI Community of Practice Events are designed to be highly interactive sessions of two and ½ hours, to foster an intimate environment in which participants feel secure to learn and explore a specific diversity and inclusion topic.

No matter your level of experience with diversity and inclusion, human rights, or human resources, CCDI Community of Practice Events will provide you with a unique learning experience.

In years past, these events have been presented in various communities across Canada. As you know all too well, we have had to move these events online until it is again safe to host in-person events.

Spring 2022 theme: Microaggressions and microinterventions - The macro of the micro 

Believe it or not, we’ve all committed a microaggression – most of the time unintentionally. Microaggressions are problematic and perpetuate stereotypes. They are subtle insults. They can be verbal, non-verbal, or visual, directed towards individuals often automatically or unconsciously. Though they start with the term micro, microaggressions can have macro impacts on mental health, physical health and beyond.

Entitled Microaggressions and microinterventions - The macro of the micro, CCDI’s spring Community of Practice sessions will focus on exploring microaggressions and microintervention strategies on interpersonal and systemic levels.

At this event, we will:

  • define and present common example of microaggressions and examine how they show up in the workplace.
  • discuss the ‘macro’ impacts of microaggressions and how we can apply a systems lens to understand the macro.
  • explore how to respond to microaggressions from various points-of-view, whether you’re the recipient, an ally, a bystander, a manager, or the perpetrator.

Who should attend?

  • This session is open to anyone who wishes to learn about microaggressions in the workplace, forms of microaggressions, and how to address them from different perspectives.

Spring 2022 schedule 

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